Be a part of the OYC.

Our social membership benefits include: weeknight & Extravaganza dining privileges during OYC hours throughout the season, invitations to OYC exclusive social events and parties, ability to enjoy the beautiful Waters facility and location on the shore of Lake Winnebago.

Social Membership

The following memberships are offered:  

  • Individual Social (one adult):  
    • $50/ season
  • Family Social (two adults & children under age 25):
    • $100/ season
  • Dining privileges during OYC member hours
  • Exclusive invitations to all OYC social events and parties
  • Add add'l benefit
  • These memberships are non-voting memberships and include all benefits listed.
  • Anyone racing in more than three OYC races is required to have a racing membership. 

You may register two ways:

1.  On-Line Registration

2.  Mail In Printable Form



Racing Membership

The following memberships are offered:

  • Jr. Racing Membership (One person)  Age 24 or younger on 12/31/15)
    • $40 / season
  • Senior Racing Membership (One person) Age 25 or older on 1/1/16)
    • $80 / season
  • Family Racing Membership (Includes children under 25 as of 12/31/15)  
    • $150 / season
  • X Boat Crew Fee (+ enrollment in X Boat Sailing School)                           
    • $50 / season
  • Above Racing memberships (not crew fee) include all Social membership privileges 
  • These memberships may be voting as per the OYC by-laws.  They include participation in scheduled OYC fleet races.  Anyone racing in more than three OYC races annually is required to have a racing membership.