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Racing Memberships with Harbor Fees and Racing Dues

These memberships may be voting as per the OYC by-laws and include all benefits listed.  They also include participation in scheduled OYC fleet races and scoring for the yacht that will participate in OYC scheduled one-design fleet races. 

Please note: 

In order to provide sufficient time for the scorer to establish a scoring format, boat racing, harbor and membership fees must be paid by May 1, 2019.  After that time an automatic $50 late penalty will be assessed.  A boat will be scored only when the membership, harbor and racing fees have been paid.

 * online registration is currently unavailable, please check back soon 

Racing Memberships with Harbor Fees and

To register please follow these steps:

1.  Pay your membership at this link.  Membership Payment

2.  Pay your fleet and harbor registration at the link below.  This extra step automatically puts your boat into the scoring system for all races.

Fleet and Harbor Registration

Please note:  Regatta network will only let you register one boat per person.  If you are registering more than one boat please modify your name on the subsequent registrations. 


Boat 1, John Smith;  Boat 2, J.D. Smith