Race Results


Visit the link below to view the race results for the 2019 season.

Watch Your Race At Home With TackTracker

Introducing TackTracker- A GPS tracking shows what actually happened on the water - to you and your competitors. TackTracker makes GPS tracking and race analysis available to every racing sailor, yacht club, class association and coach.

Download the appropriate viewer for your Mac or PC, click Continue on the
first window with advertising that comes up, then click on Homes in the
upper left panel of the viewer screen and type in OshkoshYachtClub. You
will be shown a list of our races.

You should experiment with the controls at the bottom of the viewer screen
in order to follow various boats, and expand the size of the image so that
you can examine what happened in greater detail. The tracks of the boats
will allow you to watch your speed, what happens when you tack, and whether
or not you are going in the right direction over all.

We believe that this program will be a valuable teaching and learning tool
and we hope that you enjoy it. We will be using it during class time, so
looking at your races prior to the following class may be useful.

If you have any questions reach out to Bob Cummins at rcummins@new.rr.com.