About Our X Boat Fleet

The X Boat is a two person youth boat and the most actively raced in the Midwest.  It is stable and forgiving which allows youth sailors to hone their sailing and racing skills.  It is supported by many local yacht clubs which provide regatta opportunities.

Club sponsored races are held weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with a few exceptions, on Sunday mornings at 10:00 and Tuesday evenings at 6:30.  

On Sundays a post race a lunch is provided by the X Boat parents on a rotating basis.  The Waters is open on   Tuesday evenings, to OYC members, providing an opportunity to relax, eat and enjoy a view of the X Boat race.  

Sailors participate in a coached sailing school twice a week for six weeks and are encouraged to attend off lake regattas.  The largest regatta has over 100 boats in attendance.  

All X Boat sailors own their own boats and provide their own crew.  Our X Boat sailors are products of our high performance Opti sailing school.  

If you would like more information about the fleet contact, Cathy Sherer

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 2019 Boat Fleet Information  

Welcome to the X Boat sailing season.  Below you will find information about classes, clinics, regattas and fee structure.  .  

Requirements and What to Bring: 

Skipper and crew must be a racing family or individual member of the OYC.  All boat registration and crew fees must be paid. Teams should be established prior to the beginning of the season. The crew fee of $50 is in addition to the membership fee and allows the crew to participate in classes and clinics. 

 Bring your boat, Coast Guard approved life jacket, sun screen, swimsuit, towel, fleece or sweatshirt, hat, sunglasses and water shoes.  

Get Ready to Sail – Early Season Clinics (Coaches Korbin and Tommy)

X Boat Rigging and Crew Clinic, May 25th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm 

This is a wonderful time for skipper and crew to learn how to properly rig an X Boat and make sure that it is properly tuned.  Crew will have the opportunity to learn about their responsibilities in the boat and how to manage their position.   

X Boat Get Ready for Boot Camp, June 1st & 8th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Your boat is in and it’s time to sail fast.  These three-hour classes are a preamble to the upcoming Boot Camp.  

X Boat Boot Camp, June 10th – 13th, 9:00 – 3:00pm

 Get ready for an intense but fun filled four days of learning and fine tuning.  Your days will be filled with drills, short races, chalk talks and maybe some lunchtime volleyball.  Bring your lunch. 

In Season Class (Lead Coach Tommy Rorrer)

The class curriculum focuses on boat handling, sail trim, crew maximization, racing strategies, and sportsmanship. 

Classes will be held June 17 through July 23 - Monday through Thursday from 1:30pm – 4:00pm

There will be no classes during ILYA sanctioned regattas and holidays.  Those dates are: June 25 and 26 (TRAP Regatta), July 1 and 2 (QUAD Regatta), July 4th, July 8 and 9 (GLSS Regatta), July 15 and 16 (Xtreme Regatta)


Coaching will be provided for these regional regattas.  We encourage you to mark these dates on your calendar.  We want every regatta experience to be one of growth, team and camaraderie.  There is no class race that can replicate the starting line of a large fleet.  Please consider sailing in as many regattas as possible. Registration information can be found at https://ilya.org/index.php/83-ilya-x-boat-calendar

Regatta Schedule – Go Team Oshkosh

June 14 – Cedar Lake 

This is a great regatta for all levels of sailors.  Skills learned during the X Boat Boot Camp can be applied and the competition will be great.  Sailors from Cedar Lake and Oshkosh will compete in a low-key regatta which is situated very close to home.  Registration Information will be handled locally. 

June 25 and 26 – TRAP at Pine Lake 

TRAP is the acronym for Training Regatta at Pine.  This long-standing tradition allows coaching on the race course.  Perfect for the beginner and those sailors who want to enhance their starting line and tactical skills.  

July 1 and 2 – QUAD Regatta at Cedar Lake

A nicely competitive regatta located practically in our backyard.  

July 8 and 9 – GLSS at Lake Geneva

GLSS (Geneva Lake Sailing School) provides an opportunity for great sailing against good competitors.    Home of Melges Boat Works and Buddy Melges who may make a guest appearance. 

July 15 and 16 – Xtreme at Oshkosh

Celebrating our 15th year of Xtreme this two-day regatta features great racing on our home lake, a Casino Night, a photo booth and more.  

June 24 – June 27 – ILYA Championship at Minnetonka

 The season championship regatta features a practice race on Wednesday afternoon and racing on Thursday through Saturday noon. From opening ceremonies on Wednesday night through the trophy presentation on Saturday, the Oshkosh team will compete in not only sailing but on the volley ball court as well.  So much fun connecting with the sailors you have come to know throughout the summer.  The perfect end to a great season of sailing. 

Club Fleet Racing

The OYC schedules races for the X Boat fleet on Sunday mornings 10:00 and Tuesday evenings 6:30 (6:00 late season) from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  The complete schedule will be available on the website.  

Fee Structure –

At the end of last season, we had a group meeting and talked about the need for our sailors to have more tiller time, class hours and preseason prep.  In addition to that we want our coaches to be ready and available for coaching at regional regattas.  

We want to keep the price reasonable but still cover most of our costs.  The X Boat registration will increase to $700.  X Crew fee will remain at $50.  

Even with the increase we were able to offer more value.  

  • Clinic hours were increased substantially providing overall increase of 23 hours to the program

  • Average dollar per hour decreased to $5.00 per hour

  • Coaching dollars will still be sponsored by the OYC Sailing Program, thanks to the social membership and donations. 

  • Your fee also includes all club racing opportunities on Sunday and Tuesday. 

We are very excited for the season to begin and we are thrilled you are a part of it.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

Beth Wyman, Sailing School Representative or Cathy and Jack Scherer – Fleet Captain

Link to Register (please note all registrations after May 1 will automatically be charged a $50 late fee)  http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/18448

Link for membership and X Boat Crew Fee  http://www.regattanetwork.com/membermgmt/OYC/membership_registration_start.php

X Boat


Length- 16 feet

Beam- 6.1 feet

Hull- Fiberglass

Hull Wgt.- 470 pounds

Crew- 2

Age limit is age 16 prior to Jan 1 or current year


2019 Fleet Roster

 #   Skipper                  Boat                                    Crew

J1   Jacob Bowman         Escape                              Lizzy Lynn

*J2   Jack Scherer           Fearless                             Ethan Bowman

J4   Drake Lauritch           Retrofit                              Clayton Poquette

J6   Burk Buser                 The Goat                           Liam Gossett

J13   Grace Toney           Superstition                         Kate Lynn

J20   Meredith Weston    Queen Meri                        Zoe Olmsted

J22   Jimmy Smith            B-Bannana                          Delaney Smith

J25   Maria Castle           Epic X                                  Delaney Ruedinger

J35   Judah Victor           Surprise Attack                   TBA

J98   Quintin Barkel         Sea Serpent                        Campbell Harrison

J151   Harry Hirschberg  May the Wind be With You  Caden Harrison  

* Denotes Fleet Captain