Inland Lake Yachting Association


The Inland Lake Yachting Association is the parent organization of the OYC.   Their beginnings date back to 1897, when representative from ten Upper Midwest sailing clubs met at White Bear Lake, Minnesota, during an interlake-challenge regatta.  The purpose of the meeting was made clear in a resolution passed that afternoon:  "to encourage and promote yachting and interlake racing on the inland lakes of the West under uniform rules of measurement, classification, racing and saiing."  That purpose is still the same today.  Tradition is the key of the ILYA whether it be in the families that have sailed for generations, the local club races or annual championship regattas that have been held since the ILYA origin.  The organization has mirrored the changing times but never lost sight of the camaraderie which make the organization so unique.  (Taken in part from the History of the ILYA:  Tom Hodgson)


For more information about the organization or the fleets it represents:

The Oshkosh Public Museum is the official repository for all retired ILYA trophies.  

The collection contains meeting minutes from the inception of the association, many photographs, scrap books from the Gates family, many silver yachting trophies, 2 guage yacht race starting cannon, and the last white cedar A scow built by Melges Boat Works previously owned and sailed by Herman Nunemacher.