Korbin Kierstead

Sailing Director and Lead X Boat Coach

Hi, my name is Korbin Kierstead and I look forward to being the Head X Boat Coach for the 2017 sailing school season. At a young age, I grew up sailing in the Opti and X-boat just as your son or daughter will be. This summer will mark my 13th year sailing and 4th year coaching at the Oshkosh Yacht Club. I currently compete in the 420, Fj, laser, and E scow where I look to further advance my racing skills. I am a Biology and Pre-Med student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as an active member on the UW Sailing Team. As a skipper, I have sailed several collegiate regattas, including Laser Performance Singlehanded Nationals in Galveston, Texas. This year I was honored to receive the MCSA All Conference Co-ed Skipper award. As a Level 1 Certified Instructor, I have learned the most effective ways to ensure my students have fun while also taking part in the great tradition of sailing. I am eager to make 2017 another great year of sailing for all!


Reed Weston

My name is Reed Weston and I will be a senior at Oshkosh West High School this coming fall. I have been sailing at the Oshkosh Yacht Club for eight years and I am excited to be an OYC coach again  this summer. As a student of the OYC sailing school, I raced the Opti class boat for two years, then went on to sail X-boats for six, competing at regattas across the Midwest. I am also a member of the Oshkosh/Winneconne High School Sailing Team, who competes in high school student only competitions in the spring and fall. I am looking forward to this summer and I am excited to pass my sailing knowledge on to future generations.



Emily Scherer

Hello, My name is Emily Scherer and this year I will be a senior at Oshkosh North High School. This is my first year coaching, and I am ecstatic to be a part of the OYC coaching team. I started sailing Optis when I was 7, and eventually moved onto skippering an X boat for 5 years, sailing 420s on our local high school sailing team, and crewing on catamarans and E scows. I spend almost everyday in the summer at the yacht club, making it feel like a second home to me. I love anything to do with water, from being on swim team, to water skiing and wake boarding, but I am most passionate about sailing, because of how much there is to learn about the sport. I am so excited to share my passion for sailing with all the students this summer, while also keeping everyone safe, and most importantly, having a great time out on Winnebago!


Eddie Hansen

Hello my name is Eddie Hansen.  I am currently a Junior at Oshkosh North High.  I am on both the Fall and Spring sailing teams at North.  I am also part of the swim team at North. I started sailing in the 4th grade, and it has been my passion ever since. Sailing has shaped many aspects of my life and I hope it can do the same for you.  For example when I first started sailing I wanted to know how a sail worked. That thought inspired me to learn about math and physics and now I plan to major in Aeronautics or in Aerospace. Growing up I sailed the Open Bic and the Opti.  In the summer I spend almost all of my time at the yacht club. Currently I sail E scows, F16 catamaran, a Tornado and the club 420. I also ice boat in the winter. I am very excited to get to know all of you! I hope I can give you the opportunities and the knowledge that I had growing up in the sailing world.  Most importantly, I hope we have a great summer out on the water! 

Meg Traska

Opti Lead Instructor

 Hello! My name is Meg Traska and I will be attending the College of Charleston in the Fall. I’m super excited to be the Head Opti Coach this sailing season! I’ve been sailing for 8 years, falling in love with it since day one. My mom signed me up for Optis one fateful summer all of those years ago, unsure about how I felt about it. Since then, I haven’t been able to thank my mom enough for the opportunity and fun she has given me. After 2 years of Optis I moved onto the X Boats for 4 years. I currently sail 420s during the summer and during the high school sailing season and crew on an E boat. I have learned so much from sailing, not just on water, leadership and team building skills that I can use in an everyday setting, making friendships to last a lifetime along the way. I can’t wait to teach the knowledge I’ve acquired to your son or daughter this summer!                                                                                                           



Jack Sitter

Hello! My name is Jack Sitter, and I will be an Assistant XBoat Instructor this upcoming summer season. This summer marks my 14th year sailing and 4th year as a Sailing School Instructor. My sailing career began on the Optimus Dinghy and the XBoat as a crew when I was young. In my later years I was skipper for my XBoat named “Check From Behind”. After I graduated from the Xboat I was recruited to crew for my dad in the E Scow fleet, which I still do today. I am currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Astronautical Engineering. I am also enrolled in Air Force ROTC, and am a member of the Wisconsin Flying Team. I am beyond excited to spend my time alongside your son and daughter as we set sail towards a summer of fun and learning!


Adam McAvoy

(Adam on the left with crew Abe Weston)

Hello my name is Adam McAvoy and I will be one of the Opti Instructors this upcoming summer. I got into sailing when I was about 6 or so and loved it from the first moment, and here I am 11 years later still doing it. I sailed in the Opti for several years, crewed and skippered on both the X-boat and 420, and now am a member of the Young Guns E scow. I am very active in other activities such as clubs, school athletics, boy scouts, and other activities. I look forward to a summer spending more time out on the water with our new and returning sailors. I hope to help the kids learn to love the sport as I have come to, and to also develop their skills so they can kick some major butt while also having a wonderful time on the water.

Tommy Rorrer

Hi, my name is Tom Rorrer.  I have been sailing at the Oshkosh Yacht Club since I was eight years old after being introduced by a family friend. I started with the Opti beginner class and I immediately fell in the love with the sport. During my time at the Oshkosh Yacht Club, I have sailed X-boat's, 420's on the high school team for several seasons, and currently the E scow. While I have been so active in the OYC, I have had so many experiences that will help me while I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and sailing with their collegiate team. This is my second year coaching and I'm ready for another great one!