Code of Conduct - Facilities Rules


The Oshkosh Yacht Club is located in the lower level of The Waters.  It is leased along with the OYC Harbor in a 50 year lease which began in 2008.  The House Committee, subject to the authority of the  OYC BOD, has full responsibility of the leased facility.  Any questions regarding the facility and harbor should be directed to Bill Wyman, House Committee Chairperson.  


1.1   The use of the OYC, grounds and other facilities is restricted to members, their families and their guests for private, non-commercial use except as authorized by the OYC BOD.

1.2  Guests are permitted on Club premises only when accompanied by a Member and specifically invited by that Member.  In no event shall a Member invite more than ten guests at one time without written approval from the BOD.  The Member shall be responsible for the actions of the guest they accompanying.  Guest privileges should be used with discretion.  Guests should be limited to a reasonable number of visits, not including Club sponsored functions.  Thereafter, the guest should be encouraged to join the Club.

1.3  A Club member is responsible to replace or pay for any OYC or The Waters property lost or damanged by a Member, spouse, family member or guest.  

1.4  All persons on The Waters premises shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  No behavior unbecoming of the members of the OYC or that is disruptive or unbecoming to activities being held at The Waters shall be permitted.

1.5  Children of Memers ages 13-18 may use Club facilities during daylight hours with parental permission.  Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or instructor at all times.

1.6  All persons on The Waters and Club premises shall comply with the state laws of Wisconsin

1.7  The OYC and The Waters shall not be responsible for any loss and or damange to property left or kept on the premises or for any other loss sustained in the Club by any persons.  

1.8  Concerns and comments should be addressed to the House Committee



2.1  The OYC has use of the designated facility from May 1 through September 15.   Lower level facility use will be available for sailing school, pre and post race socializing, bathroom use, storage, office and scheduled OYC meetings from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. After which and before these designated times the OYC will be alarmed.  

2.2  Pets are not allowed in the building.

2.3  the Waters is a non-smoking facility.  There shall be no smoking in the OYC.  Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas only.  

2.4  All applicable laws concerning the use and consumption of intoxicating beverages will be strictly observed.  No alcohol shall be kept or stored in the Club house by any Member.  

2.5  All persons visiting the Clubhouse must deposit sailing gear in the area provided, rather than on tables and chairs.